Born & Raised in Orange County, NY

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After 7 years working as an ophthalmic photographer, I decided to begin capturing images of the outside world. My interests include landscapes, architecture, wild life, and creative imagery, as well as macro photography. I find macro photography of a particular interest as capturing quality retinal images requires a unique skill set, and ability to focus on the most minute of details. Over the years, my retinal imaging has been displayed by the, American Society of Retinal Specialists, and utilized as part of various clinical studies.

Over time, my career path began to shift me away from the clinical side of things. I now work to educate and train future generations of ophthalmic photographers as a Clinical Applications Specialist. Though this has been a rewarding adventure, I started to miss the joy and challenge of capturing images. So, to follow in my grandfather’s foot steps, I dove head first into the world of photography.

I currently reside in northeastern Pennsylvania with my wife, and three amazing daughters. I hope that you will enjoy these images, as much as I have enjoyed creating them. There is great beauty in simplicity, and transforming something mundane, into something truly worth remembering. 

So come on in, and stay while, I hope that you’ll enjoy the view…..

Contributing Artists


Christine Copeland 

Born and raised in Orange County, NY, Christine Copeland is an artist and photographer specializing in colorfully original imagery, with a unique flare. She is the co-founder, and creative consultant for Creatively Picturesque. Her talented, visionary perspective brings a touch of elegance to every creation. Christine currently resides along the coast line of South Carolina, and is the loving mother to three amazingly gifted children. Following in his mother's foot steps, her son, Trenton Copeland, also has some work featured in our galleries.   

Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls

Jack Levy

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jack Levy brings an enormously creative approach to all of his endeavors. He has captured many breathtaking scenes throughout his travels, and has graciously provided us with some of his work for display in our galleries. He is a gifted artist and musician, and the proud father of two beautiful, and equally talented daughters. Jack is also the editor, and visionary director for the, Kendrah Kids Snake Society. These eloquently crafted, amusing, yet educational productions are available for your viewing pleasure at: The Kendrah Kids Snake Society  

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